School of Materials Science and Engineering
Chen Jian
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Assoc. Prof. Jian Chen, B.SC, M.Eng, Ph.D

OfficeRoom 510Materials Building A

Address:Schoolof Materials Science and
Jiulonghu campus of Southeast
University, Nanjing,
Jiangsu province, China

Telephone: +86-52091090

Research area:

(1) micro/nano scale mechanical properties of materials;

(2) graphene foam;

(3) surface coating and modification technology.

Curriculum Vitae


l1996.9–2000.7   Materials Science &Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University     BSc

l1997.9–2000.7   Computer Science& Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University   BSc

l2000.9–2003.6   Materials Science &Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University     MSc

l2003.11–2008.1   Metallurgy & Materials, University of Birmingham, UK         PhD


l2006.11 –2007.1    Research Associate   University of Birmingham, UK

l2007.2 –2007.5     Research Associate   Ad. Surf. Eng. Ltd., UK

l2008.3 –2011.10    Research fellow       School of Metallurgy & Materials, University of Birmingham, UK

l2011.11– present    Associate Professor   Schoolof Materials Science and Engineering, Southeast University, China


lProbing the dynamic mechanical properties and its mechanism of diamond-like coatings in the micro/nano scale     National Natural Science Foundation, General Program (11472080) (2015-2018)

lRelationship between the dynamic mechanical properties and the tribological behaviour of diamond-like coatings      Basic Research Program of Science and Technologyin Jiangsu Province (Natural Science Funds(BK20141336) (2014-2017)

lMechanical properties of graphene under thermo-mechanical coupling National Natural Science Foundation of ChinaYouth Science Fund Project (11204031) (20132015)

lMultistage Modelling for Multilayered Surface Systems Seventh Frame Work Programme, EU (CP-FP213600-2 M3-2S)    (20092011)

lThe cryogenic micro/nano mechanical and tribological properties of bulk and surface engineered polymeric and metallic materials Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, UK(EP/C536061/1)(20072009)

lDevelop surface engineering related e-learningmodules for International Master in Heat Treatment & Surface Engineering EU Education, Audiovisual & Culture(74922-IC-1-2005-1-MT-ERASMUS-PROGUC-6)(20072009)

lPlasma Thermochemical Surface Engineering ofCobalt-Chromium Alloys Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, UK (GR/S08466/01) (2003–2007)

lEco-efficient stampingprocess of sheet metal parts by development of innovative coatings forself-lubricating dies Fifth Frame Work Programme, EU(G1RD-CT-2002-00712)

lEffect of the interaction between ion beam andsputtering ions on the interface of the film-substrate National Natural Science Foundation of China Project(59971035/E011002)

Teaching courses:

lCompositeMaterials, Undergraduate

lIntroduction to Advanced Engineering Materials, taught in English, Foreign exchange students and postgraduates

lMaterial Innovation Research Experience Course, thetraditional bow project supervisor, Undergraduate


lJ Chen, YM Zhang, Exploration and thinking in teachingof professional basic course for materials science undergraduate in English-in the case of material thermodynamics,Journal of Southeast University (philosophy andsocial sciences), 2013 (supplement):155-157.



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