Gao Jianming
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Name:Gao Jianming

Academic rank: Professor

Tel: 025-52090639


Research Areas:
Curriculum Vitae

  Gao Jianming, male, born on Dec 1st, 1961, PhD in engineering, was professor and doctoral supervisor of SoutheastUniversity and approved to receive the state council special allowance since 1993.

Education experiences:

1982.7 graduated from Department of Civil Engineering of Southeast University

1988.2 got master’s degree of engineering of SoutheastUniversity

1990.8-1992.21996.11-1997.11 went abroad and studied in Japan for the reason of public affairs several times, and received doctor’s degree of construction and engineering from Aichi Institute of Technology.

Academic holding posts:

Director of Teaching-Research Section of Civil Engineering Materials of School of Materials and Engineering of SoutheastUniversity

Director of Cement and Concrete Products Subcommittee of the Chinese Ceramic Society

Vice Director of National Technical Committee on Cement Products of Standardization Administration of China

Vice Director of National Technical Subcommittee on Ecological Concrete of Standardization Administration of China

Commissioner of GreenBuilding Label Evaluation Committee of Ministry of Construction

Vice Director of Building Material Specialty Committee of Jiangsu Civil and Architectural Engineering Society

Expert of Quality Evaluation and Testing of Construction Projects of JiangsuProvince

Research interest and programs:

Major research area lies in the field of ecological repairing and environmental engineering materials, preparation technology and durability evaluation of high performance concrete, new wall materials and energy saving materials, the comprehensive utilization of wastes, modern concrete products and so on.

Prof. Gao is responsible for and involved in more than 30 research projects including National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Basic Research Program of China(973 Program), National High Technology Research and Development Program of China(863 Program) and other research projects supported by Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province and Ministry of Education of China.

Publications and awards:

Prof. Gao was awarded three national invention patents, published more than 60 papers in academic journal at home and abroad and international conferences, in which 12 papers were searched by SCI and EI, published one textbook as chief editor and two as participant, won the third award of the national innovation prize, three awards of the 2nd and two of the 3rd of science and technology progress awards of Jiangsu province and Ministry of Education of China.