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The lectures of Prof. Shah and Prof. Banthia brought to a successful close
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The lectures of Prof. Shah and Prof. Banthia brought to a successful close

Recently, Prof. Surendra P. Shan from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Northwestern University in US and Prof. Nemkumar Banthia from University of British Columbia were invited by Prof. Zhang Yamei of our school to give English lectures about “Cement Chemistry” and “Condition Assessment and Use of High performance Materials in Repairs and Strengthening of Structures”, respectively.

Prof. Shan is a member of US National Academy of Engineering, foreign associate of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Indian Academy of Engineering. He is the only one who is the member of three national academy of engineering. His research focus includes failure theory, fiber reinforced concrete, non-destructive testing, rheological property, Nanotechnology, transfer characteristic, the application of waste materials and so on. He was rewarded with the Anderson prize of American Concrete Institute and was considered as the most influential figures by Concrete Construction Magazine. The lecture of Prof. Shah included the hydration of cement, concrete components, mechanical property, shrinkage mechanism, the produce and development of cracks and non-destructive testing technology.

Prof. Banthia comes from the school of engineering and construction management in the University of British Columbia (UBC). He is the chairman of Canadian infrastructure reconstruction and sustainable development research association and the chief editor of the famous journal, Cement and Concrete Composite. His research focuses on the cement concrete and fiber reinforced composite materials, sprayed concrete, repair and fiber reinforced plastics and so on. In the lecture, Prof. Banthia introduced the high-performance concrete used for repair, sprayed concrete, polymer concrete and its application in engineering and some content the students most interested in. Besides, Prof. Banthia talked about the concrete situation assessment in engineering and some commonly used nondestructive testing technologies, which was quite welcome by the students.


Prof. Shan was interacting with students in the class


Prof. Banthia was giving a lively lecture